What We Believe


  • Jesus Christ is the absolute Head of the church, in total charge of nurturing His spiritual body, which consists of all Christian believers. Apart from the divine Son of God, we look to no human being, living or dead, as the church’s founder, ruler, prophet, apostle, or spiritual director.
  • The Holy Bible is divinely inspired, preserved, and transmitted. As God’s word, it clearly illuminates the way of Jesus Christ and ever remains the only standard for Christian faith and practice. We recognize no other writing as an infallible interpretation or supplement to Holy Scripture.
  • Salvation is a gift of God’s grace, and comes to us solely by our faith in Jesus, the Savior, Saving faith, however, is more than mental assent; it involves active trust and repentance from sin. We also believe that Christians, out of gratitude, will give evidence of saving faith by a lifestyle that conforms to God’s commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath, which we observe as a tangible expression of our faith and rest in God as our Creator and Redeemer. We extend an open invitation to penitent seekers to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to be baptized in His name, and to live according to His will. To this end we conduct open worship services and Bible studies that glorify God, substantiate His Word, and strengthen Christian faith.
  • The second coming of Christ is imminent. We look forward to the climax of world history when Christ will establish His kingdom on earth in fulfillment of all that God has promised. We also believe in the resurrection of the dead, the judgement of all persons, the destruction of the wicked, and the reward of the saints who will live forever in the presence of God.
  • Doctrinal beliefs should be established through Bible study and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, our beliefs do not constitute a closed creed. We encourage growth in scriptural knowledge, understanding, and wisdom throughout the Church.

If you would like to know more about our doctrinal beliefs, please visit our Gospel Literature page where you can download or request a printed copy of our doctrinal beliefs booklet and other publications, free of charge.

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